22 Feb 2007

Blink! and you might miss me

Quickie before I go. Last night I finished reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell - also author of The Tipping Point. He's a very, very clever chap and all round good egg it seems - for me anyone who can make a non-fiction book readable has to be!

Blink! is about 'thin-slicing' - the reactions, judgements and decisions we make about the world around us in a fraction of a second. Contrary to the belief of many, we shouldn't dismiss these intuitive reactions - because more often than not, they're right - thanks to the super-computer-like qualities of our own subconscious.

Being prone to over analysis, I like this idea. Moreover it 'feels' like its an important truth. Years ago I had a friend who spend a year living his life by the rules of The Dice Man (another great book - about a guy who gave himself six options for every decision he had to take and threw a dice to determine the choice). Obviously my friend was crazy - and ended up being fairly close to down-and-out on the strength of this and other equally bizarre activites. But I wonder if you could live your life by the rules of Blink? Trust your first thought in any given situation and see where it takes you??

Watch this space.


New York Punk said...

My first impression of Gladwell is that he is a hack who cherry picks selective instances to support his long decided thought...so according to the rules of Malcolm, I should be right, right? :-)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Intuition - always trust it!

How are you doing Sara?