9 Feb 2007

Blogging is good for business

As well as getting their websites in order. Businesses are also increasingly going to realise that a well written blog or two can help. Just read a really good article from The Engagement Principles that sums this up well. And this clever chap, in turn refers back to The Copywriter's Crucible which is also packed full of good stuff.

Both these guys give me confidence that jumping on the blogging bandwaggon just about now is a good thing to do. Very addictive and contagious too. I've already infected a couple of friends and I have a two or three a day habit.

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matthewambrose said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks for linking to the Crucible.

I've now subscribed to your blog as I'd be very interested to know what you think about the whole 'engagement' philosophy and its impact on UK marketing mindsets.

Sometimes I wonder whether I get too caught up in reading US blogs and miss out on the UK's own perspective.