8 Mar 2007

Blink - and I'm back!

True to my previous post, I have spent the last 10 days trusting my instincts.

Laid on a sunbed soaking up the rays, my instinct was to switch off and think about nothing more taxing than whether to go for a paella or a chateaubriand for dinner each day.

Apologies for the break in service. Will upload a pic as soon as I've figured out my new and spangly digital camera. I love technology in a hands-off kind of way. Great when it works - but I'd rather not get down and dirty with the why or how. . .

An IT guy at work used to say I was a 12 o'clock flasher. . .

People like me have a DVD for 2 years and the digital display is still flashing away at 0:00

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