2 Feb 2007

This week I got ENGAGED!

For anyone who knows me - you'll have immediately figured that this is just a ruse. Sid and Nancy (my cats) can also testify that my spinster status is still in tact! But to get to the point, I've spent my week trying to get a handle on where developments in multi-channel Britain are likely to take agencies like mine.

Having wrestled with stats, grappled with yet more predictions and started to build a picture of what constitutes a must-have in any agency's digital offer, I happened on a white paper that made absolute sense to me.

I'd heard colleagues bandying about the phrase 'permission marketing' and I know that a particularly good friend of mine has been doing some stunning work for the Blah! Party. (Love or hate the concept it's really getting some good interaction). But pah! permission marketing (it seems) is old hat. What's much more in vogue is Engagement Marketing. Apparently, 'interruption' is dying a death and engagement is the way to build value into relationships with your customers. If you want an incredibly well written (and quick to read) low down on The Engagement Principles.

The idea of connecting with customers on an emotional level is nothing new - but the argument for authenticity and its implicit call for marketing delivered with integrity AND ingenuity has to be worth celebrating.

Obviously, you're all invited to the reception. Drinks round mine at 7pm?


Giovanni Ruggiero said...

bye bye from Italy

Michael Gannotti said...

I was just on Technorati when I ran across your site. Great job with it! :-)
So drinks at 7? Since the "pond" is a little far for me to cross I'll tip a glass of wine to you and your marketing endeavor. ;-)