28 Mar 2007

Slack Alice

Oops, it seems that regular blogging requires some kind of stamina I've briefly lost!! Giving up your job is one thing - what I didn't expect, was the wealth of activities that would rush in to fill the vacuum of a work-free life.

It's been fairly liberating to spend days at a time without looking at a keyboard for hours on end - but it doesn't do much for your readership stats!

The last month has been a flurry of DIY activity, catching up with friends, a bit of consultancy work and a bit of taking it easy.

The upside of this stuff is that it's given me more of a physical and emotional workout - rather that the pure cranial stuff I'm used to. A pleasant side effect is that I feel increasingly angst free - but on the flip side, I don't have a head full of rants that lend themselves to spikey little blog posts.

With this in mind (cue whale music), here is a nice link I found this morning. Don't know if I'd mentioned it before in my blog, but I took singing lessons from my birthday in August last year, through to Christmas. The objective was to remove a mental block I had about my musical ability. Anyway the upshot was that the block is removed - I'm never going to be musically gifted (X factor is safe for the time being), but I did discover that making some noise that is loosely classed as 'singing' really does lift your spirits. . .

Unfortunately, I was struck mute in the new year as I angsted myself stupid about work. And only last week, did I finally break my silence again - hollering some half remembered lyrics from 'Joseph' whilst I ironed. . .

I'm taking it as a good sign. My cats, however, are horrified.

Also just discovered that Slack Alice is the name of a blues band in Lancs - not a million miles away from me. So I'll link them too.

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Thea said...

Hello Sara,

Thank you for giving one of my blogs a mention here.

Have a top week!

Cheers, Thea