19 Mar 2007

The No Asshole Rule

Ever pick up a book that's rung so true to your recent life experiences that you spent the whole time you were reading it, muttering statements like 'you got it!' 'too right', 'it's not just me then!' in a slightly tourettes stylie?? Alternatively you find yourself grinning smugly and if you're anything like me, you graffitti the names of people who fit the bill for each insight in the margin, just in case you ever forget what crappy treatment you've had at the hands of these assholes. . .

Nope? It's only me then. . .

Having packed this as a holiday read, for break intended to soothe my nerves after throwing in the towel on a perfectly respectable agency directorship, I couldn't have chosen better.

As the title suggest - the book chronicles the kinds of disrespectful and sometimes downright abusive behaviour many of us have to subject ourselves to in order to build careers, or simple get along in business. Insights into the how and why of corporate misbehaviour are right on the money, but perhaps more importantly the implications of dealing with assholes at work - like the way it can sap your energy or batter your confidence are chronicled in a way that transcends 'poor me' and urges the reader to take action in a non-preachy way.

Ultimately the advice this book dishes out isn't ground breaking. You guessed it - if you work in a place full of assholes, maybe the best thing to do is to make like a tree. .


Alternatively there are a number of useful - but probably not that original - coping strategies. So, if you're dealing with assholes day to day, I'd recommend it as good, cheap therapy.

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