19 Jul 2007

She's back!!

The only 'professional' (use the term loosely) blogger, who takes 12 weeks to sort out interruptions to her home internet.

How rubbish am I??

I've also been stumbling about a bit in terms of work direction. Gathered some interesting learnings though.

The main one being just how many companies out there are full of clueless mediocre people!!! Jeez. It's not surprising that so many businesses skirt on the tight margin fringes of making a living/going bust.

And then there appear to be a whole bunch of corporate leviathans peopled by crusty, old school types who thing a blog is a misspell of something you should throw on a wood burning stove. Gimme strength.

Anyway if any of my buddies want to talk. I'm listening (again).

More soon x

PS The pic is me at the 02 festival about a month ago. As far as this summer is concerned the hat says it all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara its jodi, havent heard from you in ages...would be cool if you reply to my private addy.
Take care, Jodi