23 Jan 2007

Content is King

Content may well be king, in our reformed digital age. But as a newborn blogger, with today as my birthday, I find myself thrust into this brave new world, with no content to speak of. My blog is naked and my inadequacy in content generation exposed.

My experiment - to see how long it takes to clothe myself. And how long it takes to attract some passers-by to take a look at my new threads.

How does one get ones-self seen?

And how do you figure out if your new gettup is judged to be Primark or Prada?

More research required. And fast. FT.com 2006


Jody said...

Hello Sara,

You get seen by going to MyBlogLog.com. That's how I was able to see you. I look forward to your future posts.

Sara Scott said...

Thanks Jody - today I'll mostly be researching Technorati and Digg as I think they may be able to help too. . .

Drew McLellan said...


I remember the sensation that perhaps the only one listening to me...was me!

For what its worth -- just write. The readers will come. Write to find your voice. Write to get into the groove of doing every X days (based on your goals) and be patient.

I promise...they will show up.