30 Jan 2007

Archiving Ideas

Nearly a week into my blogging adventure and learning fast. Our new media guys at work tell me I haven't made any super stupid mistakes yet. But equally I'm not sure if I've attracted interest from any passers by yet. But an article I spotted on blogging as archive struck a real chord with me as to the usefulness of blogging activity.

A couple of weeks into researching a project in support of various new media solutions, I have managed to fill five lever arch files with various articles and thought-pieces that I judged good enough to keep. . .

Having also had my eco-consciousness pricked very hard over the same fortnight, my filing habits really aren't doing the planet any favours - although the files themselves are a pleasing green and an attractive addition to my 'pod'. So it dawned that my blog would be the natural replacement for these babies. The only drawback is having to string a load of links - that mean something to me - together with some words that might mean something to someone else happening on my little virtual repository.

It's so true that time is our most valuable resource and this blogging lark seems to burn it faster than China does its fossil fuels. Hot damn!

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